26, 2021 — Experience 13 : Chennai H1B Stamping 221g Approved. Experience 14: H1B Approved with 221g at Mumbai.
Experience 15: H1B with NIE, 221g (DUI) at Chennai. Experience 16 ... June 8 – Travelled USA To India. June 10 .... H1B visas can be revoked after a drunk driving arrest in
Washington. ... This includes a number of workers from India and China working in the high-tech and​ .... A DUI is grounds for the U.S. consulate to refer the applicant to a civil surgeon for an evaluation concerning
alcohol abuse.. I am in H-1B visa
status. · What are the possible immigration consequences of criminal conviction? · I just have one record of DUI. · How about traffic/moving violation .... Mar 2, 2021 — Experience – 1 : H1B + H4 Stamping in New Delhi with Baby · Travelled to India in Jan 2020 · Petition was approved in Jun 2020 · Initial interview .... Hi, a friend of mine is here in India for H1B visa stamping. He was arrested once in US for DUI but was never proved guilty for it in the case that he fought later on​ ....
May 3, 2019 — I do not think that H1B stamping can be rejected for this offence. I know that Visa officers do have authority to reject visa on DUI (driving under .... Hi All, I had a DUI and details were posted in thread. This post is to share visa stamping experience post DUI I have come to India and went for .... Nov 27, 2017 — I am contacting you regarding my question with DUI expunged record. Back ground: Back in 2013 I was driving a car and missed a stop sign at .... Jul 29, 2008 — Guys, Below is my experience for H1B stamping with 1 DUI offense. ... I had to visit India last year, in Oct and did get my visa stamping done at .... Wondering what kind of effect an arrest could have on your visa for or legal status within the US? US visa and other government-related application forms ask .... Contact us for US Visa Stamping in Mexico | U.S Visa fee payment in Mexico US ... mexico | e3 visa renewal | h1b visa stamping in mexico for indian citizens | us visa ... For any members who have DUI this consulate & Ciudad juarez are best .... With respect to visa stamping, you would need an appointment, and call to confirm they would stamp for your country; as far as I know, Mexican consulates only .... Badge - National College for DUI Defense. Badge - Best ... Does a Criminal Record Affect H1B Visa Stamping? ... Recently, an Indian citizen was seeking advice from his immigration attorney for his H1B visa and was referred to our law office.. Mar 20, 2021 — DUI - h1b stamping in India. I was arrested for DUI case in Feb 2020 with a BAC of
0.074 which
is below Legal Limit. I am going to India next .... If you have found a U.S. employer to sponsor you for an employment-based visa, any past criminal activity may come back to haunt you.. Feb 5, 2019 — The last time I went to India was in 2013 post my arrest and before my judgement came so while coming back I was taken to secondary inspection .... Informed probation officer and travelled to India for vacation on 16th January 2020. Though my friends and lawyer suggested me to avoid travel .... Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime? You may have noticed this question on the U.S. nonimmigrant visa application form. It is not a .... I went to india for my H1B Stamping in November 2012 and i had a DUI in May 2012 . In
my Interview Visa Officer gave
me 221g saying DUI in past 12 motnhs ... 420b4ec2cf